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Unlike so many other courses out there [especially those taught my non-lawyers], I’ve filed hundreds of trademark applications, so I cut straight to the chase and give you exactly what you need to file your trademark right, the first time. And, I’m not here to upsell you: I give you everything you need to know – no more, no less – to get your brand protected, saving you time and money. I take a complicated topic such as trademarks and break it down, step-by-step so you’ll be a pro at this – just like me! Finally, you’ll have a year long access to the modules so you can refer back to them as often as needed.

Your brand protection starts now.

In business, time is money! So, imagine just being able to spend your time focused on scaling and growing your brand without having to worry about someone registering your brand or a similar brand before you can afford it, or investing resources in a product or service that maybe infringing on someone else’s trademark? It sounds crazy but it happens all the time. Too often we put our trademark last and can regret it, if we don’t take immediate action. It’s cool to focus on sales and marketing but we have to take care of the brand FIRST – otherwise, there will be no sales to market. So, here’s a chance to take control of your brand protection and in less than a week you can be in position to file your own trademark. And bonus: you’ll be saving a lot of money in the process!

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Inside the DIY Trademark Course

Over the course of 6 self-paced modules via an engaging video series, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about trademarks, the registration process, how to maintain your trademark + worksheets to help you leverage your new trademark skill set!

  • 1

    Trademark 101

    • Jumpstart Your Experience

    • Trademark 101 -Part 1

    • Trademark 101 - Part 2

    • Trademark 101 - Part 3

    • Quiz: Understanding Trademark Basics

  • 2

    Comprehensive Trademark Search

    • Trademark Comprehensive Search

    • Trademark Search Pulse Check

  • 3

    File that Trademark

    • Trademark Application Types

    • Trademark Use and Fees

    • Trademark Application Walkthrough

    • Trademark Appliction Pro-tip

  • 4

    Office Actions

    • Understanding and Responding to Office Actions

    • Office Action Pro-Tip

  • 5

    Monitoring and Enforcement

    • Monitoring and Enforcement

  • 6

    Work With Me

    • The Closeout - Work with Me

  • 7

    Bonus Content

    • How to Leverage Your Trademark

    • How to Avoid 3rd Party Scams

Course Pricing

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Don't just take my word for it.

I refer Bobby to everyone I know!

by Tarra Jackson

I met Bobby Robinson several years ago at an event and I instantly knew I was going to work with him. He not only helped me to Trademark 2 major brands, but he is one of my key advisors for my business. His expertise, knowledge, professionalism, and compassion is why I continue to retain his services and refer everyone I know to him.

Highly recommended!!

Dr. Martez Prince

Bobby is extremely knowledgeable about the trademark process and was very helpful in guiding me through the process for two brands. Highly recommended!!

Bobby takes his time with you!

by Connie Hall

One word to describe Bobby, passionate! He took the time to educate me on trademarks, answered any questions I had and set the expectation for the entire process.

...and a few more FAQs:

  • Are the trademark filing fees included with this course?

    No. The fee for this course is to cover the content and my expertise as an experienced trademark attorney. When you go to file your trademark, you’ll have to pay the filing fees to the USPTO’s office for each classification and we’ll cover this in the course.

  • What if I want to hire you to file my trademark?

    If after going through the course, you’d like to hire Bobby’s firm to file your trademark, please visit and book a consultation. Please mention that you’ve completed the DIY Trademark Course and we’ll waive the trademark consultation fee.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Once you access the course, under no circumstances will refunds be issued for this course.

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