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B UnStuck Business Class is a digital course and exclusive community designed to help you refine your vision, attract the right customers, grow your business and thrive - both personally and professionally. Save your spot in the B Unstuck Business Class. Only 50 seats available starting now!

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"I promise you an experience that will help you get the breakthrough you need in your business - right now."

- Bobby Robinson, 7 Figure CEO, Investor, Lawyer, Business Mentor

Here's what B UnStuck Business Class will enable you to do.

This isn't rocket science. But there is a bit of secret sauce that goes a long way with knowing how to make your business a winner!

  • Create a 6 & 7 figure mindset that will set you up to make it and keep it

  • Through solid business planning and goal setting, you’ll know how to develop & launch profitable services from day one with strong profit margins 

  • You'll know how to craft efficient systems so that you and your team can run the business, and not the business run you  

  • You'll learn how to not only make 6 figures, but how to pay yourself 6-figures and do so consistently 

  • You'll understand exactly how to identify and hire team members you need to generate multiple 6 figures in the next year 

  • And, so much more!

This is for you if:

You're entrepreneurial and have a STRONG desire to break through to your first $100K.

✔️ You are a current or aspiring business owner and service provider making up to $50,000+ USD per year ✔️ You want a team - whether small or large ✔️You want to break through to $100,000+ in your business, but haven't hit it consistently yet ✔️You understand business is a long game and you're willing to invest the time to make it happen

This is NOT for you if:

You're already making 6 figs and trying to figure out how to get to 7 figs (there's another program for you we should talk about). Or:

✔️You sell mostly physical products or e-commerce ✔️You already lead a team of 5+ or already consistently make over $100K in revenue per year ✔️You've generated less than $15,000 USD in the last 3 months ✔️You're looking for a quick fix or magic formula, or consume without ever implementing what you learn ✔️You're looking for the fastest ways to generate cash injections and would rather quantum leap than create sustainability

What you'll do in the Be Unstuck Business Class

  • Understand how to rework your pricing strategy to hit 6+ figs

    Whether you're already running a business or ready to put a plan together, we'll talk through various pricing models that can increase your revenue and profit margin.

  • Clarify and refine your business concept to win

    Learn how I built some of my most powerful (and sellable) multi-million dollar businesses so you can see how to create or refresh your own brand to win.

  • Understand the mindset needed to get and keep 6 & 7 figures in your business

    Look, I use to skip the mindset section of each course but having the right mindset can be the different between success and failure so lets get you in the right frame of mind to make ^ & 7 figs a reality.

  • Understand what it takes to hit your first $25K in business

    Hitting six-figures for the first time in your business requires sales - but sometimes, that's easier said than done so we'll teach you how to secure your first $25K bag - then rinse and repeat.

  • Understand that you can't do entrepreneurship by yourself

    Entrepreneurship can be lonely and you can't get to 6+ figs by yourself so you'll have access to Bobby and other entrepreneurs, as part of the Milly Lounge to stay connected and supported.

I've been where you are (for real).

15 years in business, scaled several companies to multi-millions

Look, building anything is hard - especially, entrepreneurship (trust me, I know) but it's doable and can be fun with the right guidance, support and community. I've had (and continue to have) my fair share of up & down experiences building businesses from scratch to multi-millions in revenue. From thinking that I know everything because I had my MBA to figuring out how to think like a CEO, not an employee, how to grow a profitable business, how to market, how to hire people, etc., etc. I've been there. I've felt stuck, too. REAL stuck. But throughout all these challenges, there's one thing I've learned that can fast track you through a lot of this mess to get you where you want to be. One secret to growing your business the way you dream of - is to connect yourself with CEO's that have been there, done that so I've taken my 15+ years of being a 7 figure CEO and put that know-how into this course so if you want to learn what it takes to launch and grow a 6+ figure business, then the B Unstuck Business Course is where you want to be. You don't want to miss it.
Bobby Robinson

My students are incredible!

Scroll through to see business owners just like you who've FINALLY broken through their revenue ceilings to achieve the legacy business they always wanted to build.

James McKnight

Former NFL Player

This dude is special! Bobby was the CEO of my foundation and bootstrapped it to doing 7 figures in programming revenue within our first two years. He's a genius! He doesn't like when I say that about him but it's true. He can connect business dots quicker than anyone I know.

Carl & Kristy Winchester

7 Figure Business Owner (Better Dayz Trucking, LLC)

Honestly, we met Bobby as our business attorney but after meeting with him we quickly realized that he's a swiss army knife and his business acumen is next level. He's helped us cross the 7 figure threshold and we're working with him on getting to 8 figures. We don't want to share him but he's awesome and you'll enjoy learning from him!

Latrice Gatison

6 Fig Consulting Agency

Bobby helped me gain my confidence when it came to how I priced my consultancy and coaching services. Implementing his pricing strategies, as well as advice on team scaling and delegation, Bobby has help me develop the infrastructure to reclaim some much needed time away from the business to spend time with family.

Course Curriculum

Here's what we'll be covering in The B UnStuck Business Class.

  • Module 1: Mindset

  • Module 2: Goal and Business Planning

  • Module 3: Problem and Solution Development

  • Module 4: Solid Legal Foundation

  • Module 5: Business Model and Org Deveopment

  • Module 6: What's the Offer?

  • Module 7: Marketing / Sales / Branding

  • Module 8: Securing Your First $25K in Revenue

What you get with Be Unstuck Business Class

Over $15,000 in value


  • When does business bootcamp start?

    B UnStuck Business Course will open enrollment on or before October 2023 and will accept students thereafter on an ongoing basis.

  • How does the course work?

    B UnStuck Business Course is fully virtual, on-demand, and is guided over 8-10 weeks. The program content is split up into 3 Phases[(1) Mindset / Idea, (2) Build, and (3) Launch), each of which contains pre-recorded video lessons and worksheets to get you working on your business in real-time. Do note that the B UnStuck Business Course is self-guided with the exception of Bobby Robinson’s live calls, so you’re able to take the program at your own pace, and you get lifetime access to everything. We understand that life gets hectic, so if you fall behind or need to pause for a bit, that’s OK – we’ll be here to support you!

  • How long does each module take?

    We recommend budgeting about 5 hours each week. To complete it in 10 weeks, each week you should plan to spend 1 hour watching the pre-recorded video lessons, another hour reading and taking notes, and 2 hours filling in worksheets and doing the exercises that go with each week. As announced, you’ll also be able to join Bobby Robinson and top guest entrepreneurs for a weekly live call and may want to spend some additional time connecting with fellow entrepreneurs inside The Milly Lounge. You can put as little or as much time into Business Bootcamp as you’d like — you have access to all of the content, and the community, for life!

  • How will I know that B UnStuck Business Course is right for me?

    The B UnStuck Business Course is perfect for entrepreneurs-to-be who have an idea, and existing founders who want to build and scale their businesses with best-in-class proven methods. As long as you want to learn the ins and outs of building a profitable, sustainable business – this is the right program for you! Just be sure you’re ready to put in the time to commit to an interactive (but sometimes challenging) program and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs. Hope to see you in class soon!

  • My business sells products / services / is a brick-and-mortar business. Will this work for me?

    Yes! The lessons in The B UnStuck Business Course can be applied to all types of businesses and industries, and we’ve had entrepreneurs from a sweeping range of business types succeed in the program.

  • How much is the B UnStuck Business Course?

    Subject to any promotional pricing, the standard cost for the Business Bootcamp is $2,997USD, which gives you lifetime access to all program content. You can pay in full or opt for a payment plan. Regardless of the option you choose, you can enroll using a credit card or PayPal.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We stand behind everything we do and we back that up with our satisfaction guarantee. Give it two modules and put in the work. If you joined the B UnStuck Business Course and don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, simply email us at [email protected] by 11:59pm EST on the 13th day after your enrollment and we’ll issue you a partial refund, less a $250 administrative fee. However, for the sake of clarity, a partial refund will be issued only for those students that have completed 100% of the work for two modules, as well as the associated work. If not, no partial refund will be issued.

  • When does Bobby go-live during the course?

    There is a free Facebook Group and Bobby will go live often inside the group so be sure to join. You'll be invited via email, upon signing up for B UnStuck.